Is your website out of date? Take the test!

Is your website out of date? Take the test image

“We have a website, but please don’t look at it.” How many times have you heard this when meeting a new business contact and exchanging business cards? Maybe when you read this, you recognise that it is you who uses that phrase. Your website may be the first interaction a customer will have with your […]

The Small Things That Business Owners Forget

dont forget this when selling your business blog

Small but critical things that business owners forget You’re busy running and growing your business, and although you realise that social media can be a key player in your marketing strategy, the online stuff is not your main priority. We get that! Many business owners leave the set-up and management of their social media accounts […]

How to choose a web company – in 13 bullet points

13 things to check when choosing a web company When your website needs a refresh, it can be difficult to find out where to start. The overwhelm may be so bad that you end up leaving it altogether, despite what impression your current website is giving. An outdated website is bad for business so if […]

The 7 Highest Converting Website Strategies

highest converting website strategies blog image

The 7 Highest Converting Website Strategies You Don’t Want to Ignore In our digital age, having a powerful website is the most effective tool a business can use to achieve success. Many businesses have thrived despite the complications of Covid-19 because their websites were able to successfully generate new business. Combine this with the huge […]

How to choose a domain name

helpful blog article on how to choose a domain name

A beginners guide to domain names – what they are, how to choose one and more! If, like many of our clients, you find yourself wondering what the big deal is about domain names, we’ve put this helpful guide together to give you the main points. None of this stuff is rocket science, but if […]

How to tag website images

how to tag website images blog article

Top tips on why and how to tag website images We are living in a visual world, so we don’t need to tell you that images on a website are a no brainer: they grab your viewer’s attention and give vital information about your business, products, and services. Potential customers love to see what they’re […]

How to get into the Google 3 pack

what the google three pack looks like

It’s no secret that utilising your Google My Business (GMB) listing to it’s fullest potential will win you points above your competition in Google Search. Lets discuss how to get your business in the Google 3 pack for local searches.   Do I need be in the Google 3 pack? Firstly, let’s look at whether […]

The Facebook Pixel – what is it and how do I use it?

monstercreative explains facebook pixel

Want to know how to get the best out of Facebook? Then read on to find out how a tool called Facebook Pixel just became your new best friend! If you are actively using Facebook to promote your business, the Pixel is an essential part of your marketing toolbox. Once installed, this easy to use […]

What is the purpose of a homepage?

monster explains the purpose of the home page

  The humble homepage. Every website owner has one and we see them every day of our online lives, but have you ever wondered what the actual purpose of a homepage is?   As always, we Monsters are dedicated to helping you understand how to get the best out of your website, so we’ve created […]

Website image size – is bigger really better?

all you need to know about editing images on your website

Most of us are conditioned to thinking that bigger is always better, but when it comes to your website this theory is out the window! Fast load speeds, holding our users attention and understanding how website image sizes work, are essential. If you have a company like Monster Creative to build and manage your website […]