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Digital marketing for online success

Need to give your sales a boost? Digital Marketing is the key.

Digital marketing; this all-powerful, all-seeing, all-knowing behemoth of a business tool is bringing many existing companies to their knees simply because they don’t know how to market themselves effectively online. Managing marketing online for your business or service can easily turn into a full-time job in itself.

Without online marketing, there is certainly a strong chance that your website may not be noticed by the very people you are trying so hard to reach. Modern marketing is highly targeted, allowing us to display your products or services to the demographic that you’re after.

Where should you start?

Google Ads? Social media? E-newsletter campaigns? Or what about Instagram and LinkedIn? Should you be using Snapchat? Selling on Amazon? Will any of these even work for your business?

Relax! Allow our friendly, knowledgeable team at Monster Creative to lend you a helping hand. We’re here to demystify the digital marketing process. We are well-versed about the ins and outs of online marketing. We will happily discuss your requirements no matter how large or small your needs. From paid online advertising tools such as Google Ads through to the more obscure online shopping sites. We are able to advise, implement and manage your online marketing across the board.

We live in a world where the humble newsletter has been elevated to essential customer contact status: if you’re not keeping in touch with your clients via targeted email newsletters, you’re certainly leaving the gate wide open for your competitors to jump on in. Has a customer clicked on a certain product in your online store? Send them an instant automated email newsletter tailored to their interests! Has a customer celebrated a birthday? Send them an email newsletter with a personalised birthday voucher for your services or products. An e-newsletter is highly customisable and extremely versatile as well as linkable to any online product, news, event or special deal, and most importantly, can be tailored to meet individual markets across a range of demographics or industries. Take back control of the newsletter with our e-newsletter services!

Ah social media. How we love thee. Such an easy, inexpensive tool for keeping in touch with your most important asset: your audience.

Let everyone know when your sales are happening, link through to important online news, offer online-only deals, share a particularly funny story or offer insider tips to your valued followers. But certainly don’t stop there! Social media is your access to a world-wide audience, and the sky is the limit for your company. Unfortunately, many business owners find social media management a time-consuming and confusing process.

Many are tempted to throw in the towel after only a short while. Here at Monster we understand not only how social media works, but we also understand the science behind it. We can make sure your posts reach the audiences they’re intended for, and we can set up, design as well as add functionality to your business Facebook page. Our services extend to include social media management via our team of industry experts, meaning that your online presence will have purpose and direction. It’s either that or a month’s worth of cat videos – which do you think your clients will enjoy more?

The world of online advertising is a scary place for the uninitiated.

It’s a wild, bidding war of a jungle out there. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you’ll be eaten alive. At least, your bank account will be. Avoid common mistakes as well as protect your hard-earned cash by asking our team of experts! Google Adwords is an unbelievably powerful marketing tool – and when backed up with the black and white statistical information of Google Analytics, you just can’t go wrong. As with any tool however, it’s only as useful as the person who’s using it…

Creating a blog page on your website is a fantastic way of capturing your target market.

This is a natural option for increasing your online search terms. Digital Marketing allows your customers (as well as potential customers!) to find you easily online. Every blog that you create for your business will allow you to add one featured search term: and there is no limit on how many blogs you can create for your business! So while you may not want to have a website that has 65 pages, you are certainly able to add 65 blogs to a nice simple website.

It’s a fantastic way to offer your customers targeted product or service advice and information, interesting and relevant news, as well as special deals or promotions. Best of all, blogging is something that you are able to do yourself. No huge marketing costs or hidden fees – just a little of your time. Of course, should you find that time is not on your side, we are certainly more than happy to offer our services in this area too!

Still unsure about adding a blog to your website? Read our blog post about the 101 of blogging for beginners by our expert Hugo here.

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