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E-commerce Websites

Are you considering an
e-commerce website to sell your products online?

What a fantastic idea! You are at the right place to get an e-commerce website that has wow-factor and functions smoothly.

But first, let’s have a look at a few things to make sure you have all the information you need to succeed in your new e-commerce project.

Most of us under-estimate the large amount of work it takes to setup an online shopping website. Starting an e-business is far from the impossible, but here are a few things that you must consider first.

  • Do you have the details/descriptions for each of your products?
  • Do you have images of all your products?
  • What will the delivery costs be?
  • Do you have terms and conditions?
  • How will your customers pay for the products?

If you have ticked all the above – fantastic! Now let’s have a more in-depth look at what you require for your online business. Lets check the step-by-step process of buying online. Click on the below headings to expand.


To create an online shopping website it is crucial to have an in-depth look at the products you are wanting to sell. A few simple, yet very important questions to start with:

  • How many products will you be selling?
  • What categories will the products fit into?
  • Will you need to have sub-categories too?
  • How many product variations do you have? For example different colours and sizes.

Product details

From product codes and descriptions to sale prices – the more information you can provide the more satisfied your customer will feel that they are purchasing the right product. For example if you are selling tshirts you would need to list the name of the tshirt, the style, the size, colour options, the price, a description and the images. Get ready to chase up your suppliers!

Online payment

Which online payment gateway you will use on your website will require some consideration. Ensure that you are aware what their fees are – most charge a per transaction or percentage of monthly amount.

Common payment methods are Pay Pal, Payment Express, Stripe – you will need to setup the account direct with the provider and we can integrate it to work with the website.


You want to keep the delivery fees as low as possible as this cost can become very competitive with lots of online stores offering free shipping. To keep things simple try having only one or two options for the user to select from, otherwise the website can calculate the shipping based on destination and weight.

Terms and Conditions

You will need to have your terms and conditions ready, this is where you can write about important details such as returns and refunds policy, delivery estimations, faulty or damaged products etc.

The good news is, we can help you with all the above! We can supply you with a products spreadsheet to add all your products into. This will allow for a streamlined upload of all products to your new site and we can get to work on training you on how to add, remove, edit and sell your products!

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