Kensington Hospital

Kensington Hospital is Northland’s only private facility, run by passionate staff that offer superb service. A professional website showcasing their specialised services to future patients and whanau was a must have. 

The Project

The previous website was more than four years old and needed a new look. With mobile responsive websites accounting for 60% of all online searches, the new website needed to meet this new online standard and provide a better user experience for their online audience.

Utilising professionally taken photographs helped to create a personal and professional feeling design. With a clean and simple design this custom website design has been created with the client in mind. Whether that be the patient, their family, or prospective specialists looking to work for Kensington Hospital, all information is easy to find and access. Adding some basic parallax effects to the home page development provides a modern effect with moving layers as the user scrolls down the page.

The result

Already in only a short time the Analytics are showing more pages being viewed per session and a much lower bounce rate – success! The team at Kensington Hospital have been fantastic to work with which has created a superb result. A training session for the new website will be provided so the key staff can update text and information on the website. Discussing online marketing strategies to ensure the website is utilised to its full potential will be the new focus that we will work on with Kensington Hospital. 6 monthly website reviews are provided to the client to ensure they are happy and that the website is delivering results!