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How Monster is adopting AI

How Monster Creative is using AI technology

AI has taken the world by storm. No matter how you feel about it, and even if you’re worried it’ll turn into Skynet*, AI already plays a big role in our lives, often in subtle ways. If you use SIRI, Alexa, Google, Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, Amazon, Gmail, chatbots and a whole bunch of other everyday technologies and applications, you’re using AI. It’s everywhere!

While many business owners are still trying to figure out what AI means for them, we’ve started using it at Monster Creative to make our workflow more efficient. We use AI to automate certain tasks, create snippets of content, optimise provided copy, retouch images, help with formatting, data analysis, and plenty more. It can even help our developers write simple pieces of code!

AI can save your business time and money

WordPress, the platform on which most of our websites are built, has adopted lots of cool AI technology. So has Shopify, which now has a built-in bot that can write product descriptions. This can save you a lot of time if you have an e-commerce business, especially if there’s lots of products in your range.  

AI’s ability to analyse vast amounts of data can be used to finetune your marketing strategy. It can identify trends, predict customer behaviour, and determine the effectiveness of different marketing channels. By leveraging these insights, you can create more targeted campaigns and optimise your marketing spend. The real advantage of using AI in your business is that it can automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks with ease. From scheduling appointments to managing emails and handling customer inquiries, AI will do it for you.

Chat GPT is good, but is it good for your brand?

ChatGPT is a clever piece of AI technology. With the right human-generated prompts, it spits out answers in mere seconds. If you struggle with creating social media, blogs and newsletter content for your business, ChatGPT could be the tool for you.

You would think that our copywriter (who has decades of experience as a professional writer) would be anti-AI, but she is not. Although a little wary of it at first, she now uses ChatGPT herself, but not to do the writing for her. Rather, she uses it as a research tool because it answers questions, offers explanations, and provides insights on a wide range of subjects.

ChatGPT has the whole internet at its disposal. It can put lists in alphabetical order, translate content into different languages while maintaining the original tone and intent, check spelling and grammar, generate topic ideas, and provide feedback on initial drafts. That’s brilliant, but ChatGPT still lacks finesse, is rather repetitive, and spits out a whole lot of waffle. Let’s take a quick look at the potential pitfalls of AI.

  1. It lacks originality and uniqueness

AI is fast, but it lacks the creativity, experience, and wisdom that professional writers and designers have. Professional creatives recognise bot-generated content instantly, because it lacks uniqueness. As AI output is based on existing information, it doesn’t create anything new. This could be a real hurdle if you want to effectively connect with your ideal client, which is why it’s wise to still have a human at hand to refine your AI-generated content and evaluate its effectiveness

2. We don’t yet know how Google reacts to AI-generated SEO

Google’s position on AI-generated or AI-assisted content has been laid out very clearly: appropriate use is not against the rules. For Google, quality and user experience take the front seat and that’s why there may be a risk in using AI to write content for websites and SEO. We simply don’t know how Google will react to AI content in the long term. If it decides their users don’t find AI content valuable, it could pull the rug out from underneath you and take all your organic traffic with it.

3. Will it help you truly connect with your ideal clients?   

AI tools sure are clever and with the right prompts, it can create pretty good text, images and code. But can it help create websites that attract your ideal client, increase sales, and help to grow your business as well as a human can? That’s yet to be seen. For real flavour and copy and design that genuinely matches your brand voice, an experienced creative human is still your best bet. They know best how to make that all-important connection, build trust, and turn leads into sales.

Why humanity is still better than AI

Although some of our processes are now AI assisted, Monster Creative is still very much a human centred business, with clever humans working within. We are using it as a tool, in lots of little ways, to make our projects and procedures more time efficient. A more efficient workflow at Monster Creative means a more cost-effective process for you. When things get done faster, there’s room in the budget to do more.

When it comes to creating content, we prefer the skills of our creatives. Great content moves your ideal client from brand awareness into action and a machine just hasn’t got the soul to do that. AI can be a great starting point, but it won’t get you to the finish line. While fast and consistently rational, AI tools aren’t intuitive, emotional, or culturally sensitive. To make real and valuable connections with your ideal client, you still need the human touch. We’re proud of the creative work we do here at Monster Creative and if AI’s output alone would be presented to our clients, they’d probably tell us it’s unconsidered, incomplete and under-seasoned. You deserve so much better than that!

If you would like to chat some more about it with the team, book in a discovery call today.

*In the 1991 movie Terminator 2: Judgment Day, an AI-driven superintelligence system called Skynet become self-aware and starts a nuclear war to wipe out humanity.

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