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How to choose a domain name

helpful blog article on how to choose a domain name

A beginners guide to domain names – what they are, how to choose one and more!

If, like many of our clients, you find yourself wondering what the big deal is about domain names, we’ve put this helpful guide together to give you the main points. None of this stuff is rocket science, but if you have a website then it’s important that you understand some basic, but fundamental, information about domain names. And how to choose to a domain name if you’re just starting out.

First off, what is a domain name?

We really like to start off with easy questions and answers, and this one is no exception!

In a nutshell, your domain name is your online address. It’s where your customers – both current and prospective – will find your business and in our online world, it’s the most common way they will interact with you. A good portion of people do business through their websites – it’s where customers find out all the relevant information about your goods or services.

How to choose a domain name?

When choosing a good domain name, we have a simple rule of thumb: make sure it includes who you are or what you do.

So, if your business name doesn’t give any clues as to what you do, then we suggest adding a word or simple phrase that provides this information. For example, a business simply called: ‘Unique’ contains no details as to what the business does which can cause confusion to people trying to search for your services.

A good domain name for this company would include a word or a phrase that gives more information, such as unique-art-products or Adding a simple word or phrase can make a big difference to online users when they are searching for your services.

Keep it simple and short!

Another key aspect of a great domain name is to create one that is succinct. Your domain name is part of your brand so keeping it brief and memorable is vital. No-one likes a lengthy domain name and don’t forget that most businesses also use their domain name in their email addresses too, and short is always best here.

What’s the deal with multiple domain names?

Just as you need to have a business name that’s unique, it’s essential to create a domain name that no one else has.

Owning more than one domain name won’t give you any extra SEO benefits, but it will give you an ownership advantage.

We recommend that for a NZ audience base you register your domain name with both and .nz to prevent someone else getting their hands on them. Another business with the same domain name but different extension can cause a lot of confusion amongst your target audience and google too. If you have an international audience then we recommend purchasing the ‘.com’ extension.

Our hosting services (and Monster Memberships) include 2 domain names as part of your package just to make business life that little bit easier.


If you have any questions about choosing a domain name or want to know more about how we can help you drive more traffic to your website, get in touch! Our friendly Monsters are here to help.

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