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Website Basics

Logo preparation

Getting started on your logo design is a very exciting and fun process. During the logo consultation we ask you a few questions to get all the information we need to create your logo concepts. Some of the questions require a bit of research so we’re giving you a head start – below you’ll find Read More

URL slugs – what are they and why are they important?

No, you haven’t ended up in a gardening blog by accident! When we mention URL slugs, we’re not talking about the garden variety that wreak havoc on your lettuces, but rather the slugs which are a vital part of every web page.   Other names that slugs go by are meta titles or permalinks, but Read More

Using video on your website

How and when to use video on your website There’s no doubt about it, we are living in times where moving images dominate our lives and chances are, you’ve watched at least one video online already today, but how and when should you use video on your website? Did you know that the average internet Read More

How to get the message out to your customers?

  Communication is key during these times and nearly all businesses throughout NZ will resume operations, to some degree, this week or next. If you are one of these businesses it’s important to let your clients know that your services are now available, what times and days there are available and also what your new Read More

Website preparation

Your website planning session is a very important first step of the project. We ask you lots of questions to get all the information that our team needs to deliver an outstanding website. Some of the questions require a bit of thinking and research so we’re giving you a head start – below you’ll find Read More

Marketing Your Brand New Website

Top tips for marketing your brand-new website No matter what type of business you own, marketing your website is one of the most important business strategies you can employ – but it can be challenging if you don’t know what you’re doing. Every minute, around 380 new websites are created worldwide, and with every one Read More

What is a perfect customer?

What is a perfect customer? Avatars, Persona’s, Target Market, Custom Audiences – you’ve heard all these terms being bandied around by everyone who has anything to do with marketing – but do we know what these really mean and how they can be used to benefit your business? Creating personas for your business is a Read More

Supplying images for websites

How to supply your images for website use The better the images you can supply the better your design will be! All images need to be supplied in a horizontal or landscape orientation. A minimum of 2000 pixels wide at 72dpi Acceptable file types are jpg, tif or png   Some other tips for great Read More

GDPR – A Basic Overview

The biggest change in data protection law in 20 years! A small law change in Europe has set the entire internet world into a frenzy with the arrival of the GDPR. With fines of up to €20 million or 4% of the annual global business turnover it’s a new regulation that’s not to be taken Read More

Is your website secure? – The importance of https

In this blog post we are not going to look at your website, but instead at the first step to reach your website: the URL and how to get it up to 2017’s security standards. From October 2017 on, Google’s Chrome browser will take the next step in their long-term plan to make the internet Read More

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