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How to get the message out to your customers?



Communication is key during these times and nearly all businesses throughout NZ will resume operations, to some degree, this week or next. If you are one of these businesses it’s important to let your clients know that your services are now available, what times and days there are available and also what your new customer procedures might be.


What is the best way to do this?

As a business owner we realise you have many things on your mind, so we’ve put together the most important ways to communicate with the lifeline of your business – your customers, what your resumed services are going to look like. And the best part is they are all free!


Google My Business

Add your new hours here if they have changed. Also add a new post stating that you are open for business.


Social Platforms

Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Tik Tok, if you’re on it, update it. We recommend making a post and pinning it to the top (if this is an option) and updating your opening hours too.


Email newsletter

If you have your customers email addresses send them an email, not just one but two (not at the same time of course!).


Text messages

If you have this option update your customers vis SMS.



Update your home page to reflect the new status of your business, try to keep this brief and link on to a new page with all the details. Add opening hours to the Contact page as well.


As always if you need help with any of the above (except the text message services) get in touch with the friendly Monsters – we’re here to help.
Happy trading NZ.

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