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Website preparation

Your website planning session is a very important first step of the project. We ask you lots of questions to get all the information that our team needs to deliver an outstanding website. Some of the questions require a bit of thinking and research so we’re giving you a head start – below you’ll find the key questions that you need to have ready for our meeting. The better prepared you are the faster and smoother your website will be delivered. If you don’t know the answers that’s ok, we can discuss in more detail at the meeting or contact us with any questions.


What is the purpose of your website?

As tricky as this sounds, there is no perfect answer for this question. We simply want to hear in your words what you feel a new website can achieve for your business?

Do you have an existing website?

If yes, please copy the information into an email or Word file that you wish to keep.

Website examples

  • Make a list of some great websites that you like
  • Point out what it is that you like about each one (design, button style, tone of wording, images etc)
  • Note down the web address for three examples
  • If you have an existing website please indicate which parts, if any, you would like to keep

What makes you great?

  • Why would a client chose to work with you or what is your unique selling proposition?
  • List at least four unique selling points, e.g. what do you do best or better than others?

Ideal customers

  • Do you sell business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-customer (B2C)?
  • Who are your ideal customers? Be as specific as you can here, for a thorough analysis on ideal customers read and complete our blog on client persona’s here
  • What are the most important needs of your ideal customers?
  • How can you provide value to your ideal customers? What questions are they looking to have answered?
  • What are your customers biggest barriers to making a decision to buy?

Key Features / Software

  • What are the main features that you wish to promote on your website?
    Think about the products and or services that are in highest demand or make you the most money
  • Are there any other features that you would like integrated into your website, such as Newsletter signup, Chat window, Booking systems or other software integration? If yes please specify and check to make sure they integrate with WordPress
  • If you require form/s on your website for viewers to complete, what questions/information do you need to ask/collect?

Images & Video

  • Do you have any good images to use on the website?
    Read our blog here on how to supply images for your website. Your own unique images are always best and we recommend the services of a professional photographer. Talk to us about how to get the best images for a great price.
  • Video is the most engaging form of visual (and audio) content to use, if you are able to provide video this will accelerate your website design. Stock videos that are available for purchase please contact us for our recommended sites to purchase from.


  • Do you have any testimonials for the website?
    Video testimonials are the best, alternatively written with images are good too.

Know thy competition

  • List your main competitors your industry (for research purposes only), list the three biggest

Marketing your website

  • Creating a new website is only part of the marketing process. How are you going to attract visitors to your website?
  • How important is showing on page 1 of Google searches to you? 1 being low, 5 being the highest
  • What are the words that people will be searching for to find your website in Google?


Thats a great head-start and we can help with the rest.

You can always reach out if you have any questions before hand via email here.


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