Hide Thirst and Hunger

Showstopping new websites for popular restaurant and bar

Tauranga-based hospitality entrepreneurs Matt and Kimberley Hayward got in touch with Monster Creative in 2022 as they wanted a website for two of their businesses, restaurant Hide Thirst and Hunger and Gastropub Brew Co. in Mount Maunganui.

What did they need?

While social media is their main channel to inform customers of what’s on in their establishments, they also needed a great website for each of these unique businesses where they could showcase the menus, take enquiries and sell gift vouchers online. The brief was to keep it simple, not too wordy, and to showcase the vibe of these two totally different and individually unique hospitality businesses.

What was the solution?

Where Hide Thirst and Hunger already had a simple website up and running, the site that Monster Creative made for Brew Co. was brand new. For Hide, the unique location and menu takes centre stage. For Brew Co., the unique atmosphere, events and bar menu are highlighted. Both websites look stunning and due to extra care for SEO, they perform well in Google search results. They each have an Instagram feed on the homepage, which blends in perfectly with the design of the pages.

What was the result?

When we spoke to Kimberley again just under a year after the two websites were launched, and she mentioned that the first performance report for Hide Thirst and Hunger that they received after the new site went live showed a huge increase in interactions. Calls were up 60%, and bookings no less than 206%.

“The process was easy and both websites look great. We’re getting more enquiries now and have also sold a lot more vouchers for Hide since adding this new feature for the website. It all works well for us, and we’re happy with the outcome,” she said.