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Investing in a website


It is a common belief that a website for your business is an expense; money goes out to set the website up and pay hosting, yet nothing comes back in. And just because this is common, certainly does not mean it is right. Instead what we should be asking is “How much money comes back in from these costs”.

An astute business owner knows that spending money on a good website will attract your ideal clients, generate new customers and help to grow your business. Translating to,  your website generating a good return on investment.

Many business owners are still hesitant about investing in a good website. Mostly this comes down to lack of value or knowledge. This is why many businesses have a website that’s outdated or much too basic, assuming that additional functionality is an unnecessary expense.

The truth is, a business’s online presence can have a massive impact on its success, regardless of the size of the business or its industry. A small business that’s investing in a website that impresses visitors with its design, content, and user experience will make a much better impression than a large business with a poorly designed, outdated website.

What is the cost of a new website?

The question we get asked most frequently by business owners is: “How much will my website cost?” Essentially, you can break your investment for any website build down into two categories:

Design and function – all the elements that your website visitors will interact with, like the design of your site and its functionality. It also includes the Software/content management system platform that your site is built on e.g. WordPress, Shopify etc.

Hosting & Care Plan – this is all the stuff that keeps your website running online. Software/content management system, hosting, domain name, etc.

There’s usually no need for a 6-figure investment to get a new website, but please don’t skimp on it for your business. If your website has errors, bugs, typos, low-res images or is slow to load, you’re not giving your audience that all important great first impression.

What’s most critical is that your website generates a full return on investment. If the website costs you $5,000 or $10,000 to create, then it should generate leads that will, at minimum, cover the cost of the website.

For example, if you are a handyman and your average job or customer is worth $3000, then  a $5000 website needs to generate at least two new jobs to cover this cost. When you choose to work with the team at Monster Creative, our goal is to have the cost of your new website covered in the first 12 months.

When it comes to the actual cost of a new website, it all depends on what you need. Feel free to check out the Monster Creative Packages for an indication of pricing, but it all starts with a conversation. We want to get to know you first, then we can figure out together what your business really needs and make sure we’re a good fit.

Levelling up your website for better results

Many business owners think their business website is a one-time expense and a sunk cost, but that’s another mistake. A website can, and should be, so much more than just an online presence or an electronic business card. A website that’s designed and developed with your target market in mind and that has content that attracts and engages your customers is a real asset and an important marketing tool.

A website should be an investment to help generate revenue and growth for the business. Your business website should be like a virtual sales representative that’s working 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to communicate your brand messages, product information and success stories. Best yet, it never calls in sick or goes on holiday. Your website has the potential to be one of the most valuable assets that your company owns!

Investing in a website for your business is about spending your budget wisely with long-term benefit in mind. A good start when Investing in a website is half the task. That’s why you should always choose a reputable web company with experience and a great portfolio to build your business website. Doing it on the cheap makes your website an expense, not an asset, and that can be harmful to your business and brand.

What’s the cost if your website lacks conversion?

If your website is generating enquiries than congratulations. Your business website is an investment. If not, it is money down the drain and therefore an expense.

Keep in mind that once the website is built, there are ongoing costs. Being in business incurs a lot of costs, and we are always looking for ways to make savings. Compromising on a quality website for a cheap option should not be one of those as it could cost you more in the end. It makes the website not only expensive having to do it twice, but it also consumes twice the amount of time and energy – we understand how precious your time is as a business owner.

Every day we talk to business owners that don’t get enquiries from their website. Or they are getting enquiries from the wrong types of customers for work they’d rather not be doing. Your website should be attracting your ideal clients only as this is where you will get the best return from your website.

Recently, we have built two websites for service-based businesses that initially decided to go with other providers that were slightly cheaper. They have both come back to Monster Creative for new website builds within 12 months as they were disappointed by the results, or better said, the lack of.

At Monster Creative, it is our main goal to get your business in front of your ideal customer. We build beautiful websites that get found, convert, and don’t cost the earth. User experience and technology are on the leading edge, as a well-planned and professionally designed website is a significant investment in your business and its future. We’re here to do it right.

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