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What is a perfect customer?

What is a perfect customer?

Avatars, Persona’s, Target Market, Custom Audiences – you’ve heard all these terms being bandied around by everyone who has anything to do with marketing – but do we know what these really mean and how they can be used to benefit your business?

Creating personas for your business is a process where you create a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customers, based on market research and real data about your existing customers, including demographic and psychographic information. Read on to see how getting really clear on your client personas can be the single best thing you can do for your business.


Why use client personas?

Getting really clear on your client personas will help to create really effective marketing for your business. It will provide structure and context to your marketing and allow you to tailor your content to talk directly to your perfect customers and their pain points – done right it will attract your ideal customers to make contact with your business.

The purpose of working with personas is to be able to develop solutions, products and services based upon the needs and goals of your ideal customers.

In a perfect world, we would only sell our products and services to perfect customers. Why? Because perfect customers want our services, they understand them, they see the value in them, understand lead times and they value good quality – doesn’t that sound great?!


Do perfect customers actually exist?

The best part about these perfect customers is that they really do exist! And if we focus on exactly who these perfect customers are, then we have a better chance of attracting them and less chance of attracting the ‘not so perfect’ customers. The first step is figuring out who these perfect customers are and creating client personas for them.


How to define your perfect customers

You might be particularly passionate about dealing with a specific type of customer such as a start-up business – build a client persona for this customer. Then there are those customers that buy a certain product or service from you that has great profit margins – there’s another client persona. Maybe you sell a product that is in high demand and this will require another persona. Name these persona’s accordingly and then work through the following steps to create your persona for each.


Creating client personas

Here’s the fun part – building the personas for each of your perfect customers.

We’ve made this really easy and have created a template form that you can download here, print out and fill in for each persona.


How to use your client persona’s

Once you have completed personas using the above template, you can begin planning how to attract them and this is where it gets interesting. You will know what platforms to use to find your perfect customers. You can tailor the words you use, the tone they’re written in, the questions you ask, the images used, video and testimonials from a customer just like them. Done right you will land perfect customer after perfect customer!

If you would like some help working out who your perfect customer is, we’d love to help!


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