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Marketing Your Brand New Website

19th March 2020

Top tips for marketing your brand-new website No matter what type of business you own, marketing your website is one of the most important business strategies you can employ – but it can be challenging if you don’t know what you’re doing. Every minute, around 380 new websites are created worldwide, and with every one Read More

What is a perfect customer?

14th February 2020

What is a perfect customer? Avatars, Persona’s, Target Market, Custom Audiences – you’ve heard all these terms being bandied around by everyone who has anything to do with marketing – but do we know what these really mean and how they can be used to benefit your business? Creating personas for your business is a Read More

Supplying images for websites

18th April 2019

How to supply your images for website use The better the images you can supply the better your design will be! All images need to be supplied in a horizontal or landscape orientation. A minimum of 2000 pixels wide at 72dpi Acceptable file types are jpg, tif or png   Some other tips for great Read More

GDPR – A Basic Overview

29th May 2018

The biggest change in data protection law in 20 years! A small law change in Europe has set the entire internet world into a frenzy with the arrival of the GDPR. With fines of up to €20 million or 4% of the annual global business turnover it’s a new regulation that’s not to be taken Read More

What Is Google My Business

25th March 2018

  If someone was going to offer you a free billboard with your Business name, phone number and address on it; placed at the busiest intersection in town, would you ignore it or co-operate and make sure your contact details are all correct? It’s a no-brainer right? Of course you would co-operate and potentially provide Read More

Monster Creative – Did you know…

28th February 2018

Planning for 2018 The new year has taken a head start on us all. It feels like we have only re-opened the doors to our monster cave yesterday, and somehow, we are already in March. With time racing by so fast, we thought we’d take a minute to sit back and look at the full Read More

Introduction to Email Marketing and Customer Retention

6th December 2017

Email marketing and customer retention After many years in business and relentless efforts towards growth and procurement of new customers, eventually we all fall guilty of this same wrongdoing – forgetting to look after our existing client base. They are already your customer, they already know the services you provide, they know and trust you Read More

How To Give A Review On Google

9th November 2017

Trying to give a business a 5-star review on Google, but don’t know how? We have recently mentioned how important it is to receive Google and Facebook reviews, actually any kind of online review. However, many of our customers have expressed they find it tricky to know where to go to give the review. Depending on Read More

Successful Facebook Marketing For Local Businesses

26th October 2017

What type of business owner are you? In our experience dealing with different types of business owners in various industries, it seems that there are two types; The first group have an up-to-date Facebook page for their business and post content regularly. Yet, most of the time, they believe this is the only online presence Read More

Is your website secure? – The importance of https

18th September 2017

In this blog post we are not going to look at your website, but instead at the first step to reach your website: the URL and how to get it up to 2017’s security standards. From October 2017 on, Google’s Chrome browser will take the next step in their long-term plan to make the internet Read More

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