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Google Ads – A Beginners Guide

11th May 2017

Money can’t buy you happiness Many of you may have wondered: Hugo has a girlfriend? How long have they been together for and what is their secret to remaining so much in love? The answer is simple and we can all relate to it: he treats her like she is special and makes sure their Read More

Why Quality Content Matters To Google

10th April 2017

Good looks vs a great personality You are out for Friday night drinks at your favourite weekend cave and your eyes get caught by a stunning monster on the other side of the bar. Spotlight on, the rest of the cave and your mates don’t exist anymore. She is beautiful; her yellow spiky hair, black Read More

Website Reviews

31st March 2017

Have you heard about our FREE website reviews?   Every 6 months you are entitled to 1 hour of Monster time – completely FREE! At Monster we like to offer customer service that goes above and beyond, we want to make sure you are happy with your website. For our website reviews,I will come to Read More

Mobile-friendly websites

9th March 2017

Is your website mobile-friendly? Have you ever given up on a website because it took too long to load, won’t fit on the screen or stabbed at menus due to the width of your finger vs the teeny tiny ridiculous buttons? And as a result, you lost interest and closed the page? Yes? – Congratulations, Read More

What is SEO?

4th October 2016

What is SEO? You’ve heard of this acronym and know that it’s kind of important if you have a website, but still don’t totally understand why? Join the masses and read on! Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a huge topic and covers many facets of the online world. We can help demystify how it applies Read More

SEO: New Website

4th February 2016

New Website: planning your marketing? Look close to home first! When it comes to planning business marketing for the new year, many people start by working out their budgets for online advertising, print media and design work. If this sounds familiar, STOP! Before you pour your hard-earned dollars into any form of advertising, think about Read More

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